Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sewing Lessons #2

I'm apparently not very consistant when it comes to teaching my daughters new skills. least I keep trying - right? Practice makes perfect! (at least this is what I tell them......) This evening, I started Amber on a simple 12-patch pillow for a friend. She's determined to make some Christmas presents this year, so I thought this would be a good jumping off point to teach her some basic skills. She learned to pin and cut, lay out the pieces to make a pattern, and how to sew them together nice and straight - right sides together! I had her put one row together tonight and figure she can do one row for the next few evenings and finish it up next week with the back and stuffing.

I also started Jade sewing on paper. She was timid at first - she was convinced the evil sewing machine was going to suck her finger into it and poke a hole in her nail! lol After showing her how improbable that would be, she had a great time trying to stay on the lines. So much fun, in fact, that instead of only the required 5 lines, she did 11! I think I'll be keeping her on lines for a bit longer though.....only 2 of them were even close enough to really praise very well. =)


Mostly Diane said...

That is awesome! I am just now thinking of teaching my 11 and 12 years old girls to sew. Even though, I don't sew. I thought my girls should learn.

Amber said...

Seriously, you inspire me. I love how you teach them. What great ideas!!!

Bowman-Blog said...

You are a very good mother. They will appreciate all you do for them.