Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sewing Frenzy

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to take a more active part in earning $$ for our family. I knew I did NOT want to work outside of my home and be away from my kiddos and I also knew I did NOT ever want to do home daycare EVER again. Sooo....after much thought and brainstorming, I decided I can sew and earn $$ this way. I listed some patterns on and ebay and waited for orders. And they came! So far I've sold 9 costumes! I've completed and sent out 4, have one cut out, fabric for 2 more, and need to get to Joann's this weekend for fabric for the other 2. If you're reading my blog and have kids you want awesome custom Halloween costumes for and don't know how to sew (and my costumes last YEARS!!! unlike what you find in stores that fall apart after the first wash!), stop by my etsy store or search for custom costumes on ebay. You'll probably find mine. Here's a hint: they're the cutest!!! lol Here's the ones I've completed -
Blue Bo Peep

Toy Story Bo Peep

Little Red Riding Hood

Paisley modeling Little Bo Peep

I think Bo is so popular cause of Toy Story 3 coming out. Or maybe cause it's just a pretty sweet costume. I have 2 more Bo's, 2 more Red's (but one is supposed to be blue....), and a little girl Pirate Captain. 


Amber said...

So cute!!! I love them!

ballerina girl said...

You have such impressive sewing skills! My favorite is the Red Riding Hood costume.

Katie said...

These are great Lissa! I love them. I loev the bo peep the most too. You are such a great seamstress.

rozanny said...

Very cute Lissa! I'll keep you in mind for halloween next year if you're still at it! (We're doing Star Wars this year... I can't wait to see my 1 year old as R2D2)

Glenene said...

So cute! Glad you found a fun $$ maker!!