Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My baby is no longer a baby. It's very, very sad. And I feel like crying. A lot. This is kind of my own fault though. I'm the one pushing my kids to learn and grow. I know it's the right thing to do.....I mean, I really, REALLY don't want to be the mom with the grown adult child still living at home, no job, no skills, no self-survival know-how.....but it's sad at the same time. Especially cause there's no easy guarantee I'll have another baby. Ever. My sweet baby Paisley could just very well be my very lastest little creature till I'm a grandma. And that's sad. Very sad. Extremely, terribly, very, very sad that she's not my tiny baby anymore. Nope. She's a big girl. Sleeping in a big girl bed. And it's my own fault. I'm lame.
Here she is saying, "No, Mom. I can do it myself!"


I converted her crib to a toddler bed this evening (obviously) and she's already a pro at getting in and out. She thinks it's hilarious and cracks up every time. I put her to bed, even gave her her own pillow, tucked her in, said goodnight, turned off the light, shut the door, and haven't heard a peep since. I'm so glad she still respects bedtime! For now. But my theory is this: if I start new things kids typically have a hard time with while she's young and not old enough to really know any different, I won't have to fight her later. So, it's a good theory. It's worked on 1/2 my kids so far. Let's make it 2/3. I'll be potty training around Christmas time. Very slowly. But she's a smart little thing and I think she'll catch on fairly quickly.

In other news. I finished 3 more costumes and have sent them out. I took pictures of Paisley in one cause it was the right size and I needed a model. Soooo cute! The other two were Bo Peeps. I have 2 more Reds (the Blue changed back to Red) cut out and ready to sew, and fabric for 2 Silvermists (from Tinkerbell), Glinda (from Wizard of Oz), and Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. I also have the fabric for Amber (Rosetta from Tinkerbell), Jade (Silvermist, another one....), and Paisley (a very sweet clown). I'm pretty much finished with my friend's costumes for her boys (a Jedi, puppy, and Spongebob). Just have to attach the puppy hood to the jumpsuit thingy and I haven't even started Spongebob, but he really shouldn't take too long. He's just made of felt and glue afterall....

She really, really hates hats! I'm making her a clown hat (a tall pointy one) though but it will definately have an elastic strap to keep it on! lol

The key to taking a decent picture of squirmy Pie is to distract her. A nice puzzle piece works well here. And yes, I DID make the hat! (though it looks slightly squashed in this picture, but come on, it'd been thrown across the room at least a dozen times by this point!)


Katie said...

ohhhhh! She's so cute! My boy is being potty trained right now and he yells at me when I try to come in the bathroom to help. These independent babies!!

Mostly Diane said...

Sorry your baby is growing up. Sometimes that makes me sad and other times, I wish it would happen faster.

Your costumes are amazing!!!

Tommy and Jill said...

Your costumes are incredible!!! You should take pictures of all of them and at least put them on facebook. I would love to see them all! So fun!