Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Decision

We've decided to stay. Signed a new lease Friday, so we're here for the next year. We listed our house for rent with a realtor and he says the house is awesome and should have no problem renting quickly. David's uncle may be interested in renting it, too, so he's going to come take a look at it in the next bit. So now that our decision is made and we're for sure staying here, I'M SO EXCITED TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS!!! We didn't get to last year cause we moved in Dec 19th and there was just no time/point in putting up lights. I did pull the tree out, but that's all that was done. But this year....I hope Dave's prepared for my crazy plans! =)


Lani said...

What a relief to have the decision part done! I was actually thinking about Christmas decoarations with your last post, I'm excited for you that you get to decorate this year! Yay!

Amber said...

Yeah!!! That is awesome! I love decorating for Christmas!

Alex and Brittany said...

Yay!! I hope everything works out with renters! So excited you'll be around! Can't wait to see the decorations!