Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun: Part II

So, even though Halloween was on a Sunday this year, I still allowed the girls to go trick-or-treating. And they had a blast! Even Paisley had fun.....for the first 10 houses or so. Then all she wanted to do was sit in her stroller and eat candy. Our neighborhood is definately a step-up from our old one in Buckeye as far as Halloween goes. The last 2 Halloweens there were hardly any kids out and we had to walk pretty far between houses with candy. This year, there were very few houses with no lights on - a sure indicator there's no candy to be had - and hoards of kids collecting candy. We got stuck in a group of 20-ish kids and Amber and Jade had to stand in line to get their treat. Thankfully, I was able to break free and said goodbye to dumb candy lines! =) David stayed home to pass out candy and when I got back with the girls, he had our fun Halloween cd playing and everything! Pie ran up and just wanted to dance and dance! She got a LOT of comments, laughs, and even a picture or two from other trick-or-treaters. Silly girl!
Amber and Jade - sorry - *Rosetta* and *Silvermist* setting out the Jack-o-Lanterns

Paisley with her very first candy from next door

David rearranged the pumpkins

Pie really wanted the candy, but was terrified of the skeleton dude "blocking" her way!

This is Paisley right at her bedtime. She's tired. But enjoying her Reese's Cup.

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