Monday, November 22, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Other than hard life choices anyways.....

Amber and Jade LOVE playing games together. Here they are having fun with Monsters, Inc. Life. We played it for FHE awhile back so they know how to play without grown-ups needing to explain the rules. If they're not sure what to do....they just make it up. lol A few weeks back, I took them with me to Joann's and let them pick out fabric. They ended up choosing coordinating prints! So I mix-matched them and made them both "matching" dresses. They were pretty happy about them! They really like wearing matching clothes.

 This funny girl likes hanging out on the kitchen bay window ledges. Especially with a phone to "chat" on!

Amber likes helping Jade read chapter books. They really are the best of friends! I love it! They are both much better at being big sisters than I was... Sorry, Shell Bell!

Here's my naughty baby caught in the act! She climbs up the piano daily just to get to our "fun" stuff. She also enjoys climbing onto the table and from the toilet up to the bathroom sink. Such a turkey!

Pie getting her nails painted. David struggled to get her to sit still, got 4 painted, then gave up. He told me to finish. I just laughed. =)

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