Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Last of Them

Here's the last of the fancy costumes I made.
Ball Gown for a lady in Hawaii

Angel costume for a lady in Kansas. I had to hand-sew all the fluffy marabou. It took for-ev-er!

Ariel's pink dress. The sleeves are just like in the movie. Took me a little bit to make up how to do it.

Costume totals:
     34 total sold on ebay
     6 total sold on etsy
     6 costumes made for friends and my children
     14 Bo Peeps
     7 Little Red Riding Hoods
     4 Glindas
     5 various fairies

The remaining costumes were a couple here, a couple there: Pirates, Indians, Woody and Jessie, Princesses, Jedi, puppy, Spongebob, Dorothy, Witch, etc.
All of these made and sent in about 50 days. =)


rozanny said...

Good job! That's amazing!

Katie said...

Wow wow wow! You are amazing! I hope your made enough to make it worth all the work.

Fawn said...

yeah Lissa you are amazing!! i was super overwhelmed just thinking about it! I know i would probably have gone insane if I did that! so I'm glad it wasn't me ;) You are super woman!!

Glenene said...

They are amazing! You probably need a break!