Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Fun and a Few Randoms

I just love weather we've been enjoying! It's not too hot yet, but very warm and just right for swimming. I'm totally dreading next month though as it will definately be triple-digits fulltime. Booo! But, we've been making the most of our days off and the beautiful 90's.

I taught Paisley how to use a noodle. LOVE the splayed out legs! Good for balance! =)

David started teaching Paisley how to "monkey walk".....she's still working on that.

Now here's some randoms:
Mmmmmm! Bread!

Paisley loves to dress herself. Here she's sporting pajamas around her waist, Daddy's socks up to her thighs, and her own shoes. Special....

We got to babysit little Boone yesterday. All three of my girls enjoyed playing with him!

Especially Pie. =)

I totally forgot to post this! Jade lost another tooth (I think it's #3?) back in April. This one came out fairly easily....probably because it'd been loose for a couple months at least. I finally just got a tissue and yanked it out. She didn't even cry. Not until AFTER it was out. Hahaha! The sight of blood scares her. 

Amber's spring picture. Isn't she getting so old? =)

Jader's spring picture.

I know I don't have much of Amber and Jade today, but school is officially out at 10am Thursday so I'm sure they'll be making a more regular appearance on our blog. Us girls all start swimming lessons for the summer on Monday: Paisley and I in a parent/tot class, Amber will start in level 4, and Jade in level 2. I really wish Paisley was old enough to be in one of the preschool classes where they actually learn how to swim - cause I think she's ready - but kids gotta be 2+ and Pie won't turn 2 till August. So she and I will be blowing more bubbles and "kick, kick, kicking" our way through the summer.....again.


Allison and Mason: said...

Thank you again for babysitting!!! And I totally agree and think she's ready for an older swimming class. Just register one of your other girls in it but take her. I'm all full of dishonest ideas. :)

Becca said...

I love LOVE the pic of Paisley with the noodle. her legs and bum are amazing. haha. I wish we had 90 degree weather. we're still wearing hoodies and sweat pants around our house...

Becca said...

ultra cute yellow suit by the way. love it.

rozanny said...

So jealous! I love going swimming with my kids. And they're always happier in the pool than out. And your girls spring pictures are way cute!