Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Peek Into Our Summer

We've been pretty dang lazy for the past week. Me especially. If I were to go around and take pictures of my house right now, you'd be just as disgusted as I am. But, I don't have the energy to do that....nor near enough to actually clean anything. So the only jobs that get done on a consistant basis are the jobs assigned to my girls (dishes, feed cats, scoop litter, scrub guest bathroom) and the laundry our of necessity. However, the laundry only ever gets washed, never folded and put away unless some unlucky child is in trouble. This is all gonna change this weekend though. We're throwing a Memorial Day swim/bbq party on Monday so I have declared this weekend "family clean-up weekend". Everyone is thrilled. Including David. lol Anyways, here's what we have been doing:
Amber and Jade like to snuggle and really wanted to have Paisley with them, too. So we tried it. And it didn't work. An hour after putting them to bed, Pie was still hyper and giddy; Amber and Jade were moaning and groaning at her to sop jumping on them. Paisley was moved to her own bed and there she sleeps every night. Also, despite losing one of her naps each day, she's still waking up at 5:30 every morning! So I'm gonna be moving curtains around and putting the darkest ones in hers and Jade's room.

My Grandma had a puzzle like this but with witch halves on each side. I LOVED that puzzle and would pull it out nearly every time we went over to her house. While at the mall, we went to the game store and I asked about the puzzle. Well, witches aren't pc, but they did have one just like it with hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Amber was the first one to solve it! Way to go, Amber!

This is how we know Paisley is tired and ready to take a nap/go to bed. She gets her cup and blanket and the starts rolling around on the floor with them.

Having a wii has been a curse and a blessing so far. It's fun to play - for about 10min - then these two can't stop fighting over it. "It's MY turn to pick!" "You picked that one just so you win!" "I said level 2, not level 4!" "I wanna be player 1! You always get to be player 1!" It's obnoxious. And I'm usually too tired to do anything more than walk over and turn it off and send them into seperate rooms for awhile.

Hahahaha! I sent Paisley to go get dressed yesterday. This is what she came out of her room wearing: 3 skirts, a pair of shorts, and her pajamas around her waist. Silly girl!

Besides the above, we've been doing swimming lessons at the community pool as well. Amber's in level 4, Jade is level 2, and Paisley and I do a parent/tot class which she basically screams through. Which is dumb. Cause she LOVES the water and begs to go swim everyday. And once in the pool, she kicks around it using a noodle....with no help. Yesterday she was on her noodle (which she calls "my noonoh") while I was swimming laps. She kept repeating "kick, kick, kick" cause that's what I tell her in swimming lessons. She was trying to chase me and thought it was hilarious when I would swim underneath her blowing bubbles to tickle her bum. So I don't know why she screams at the community pool....very strange.
I've also been reading more. I've been rereading The Lord of the Rings series - starting with The Hobbit. I'm about 2/3 through book two. I keep trying to convince someone to watch the first movie with me, but no one ever wants to. Boo. I'd like to have Amber and Jade do a summer reading program through the library, but I'm too lazy to go back and forth to return/get new books. Plus, I don't know where the library is. lol I need to get out of this crazy funk! This is the most draining pregnancy I've had yet. And all I can say is that it better not be a warning of how this kid will be once born. I'm hoping I'm just getting old and tired....not that his baby will forever be an energy-drain. hahaha


Becca said...

paisley is sooo freakin cute. and I think it's adorable that she swims with a noodle. both of my kids scream just having me dump water on their heads in the bath to wash their yeh. I wanted to put them in swimming lessons this year, but I'm too late. So next year I will for sure...and I am certain it will result in screaming for both of them.

Molly said...

Sounds like fun! FYI The library is by my house at Monroe and 85th :)