Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Sweet

Paisley has three mommies. I'm her #1 mommy. But if I won't do something she wants and her sisters are home, she'll go to Jade first and then Amber. But she rarely gets to Amber cause Jade is her little "slave". Seriously. And Paisley knows it, too. It's so funny to see my tyrannical 21mo old bossing her 7yr old sister around. "Jader! More milk!" "Jader! My blankie!" "Jader! Call Daddy!" - This last one is when she has my cell phone and I refused to call David for Paisley cause I happen to know he's in class and can't talk. But Jade will call everytime Paisley commands....till I take the phone away and monster girl throws a temper tantrum. Oh, two - you were bound to happen eventually I suppose. Anyways, this is one of those times Jade complied with Paisley's demands - "Jader! Read book!"


Bowman-Blog said...

Jaders is a sweet girl!

Glenene said...

This reminds of Elder Russel M. Nelson's comment about his son. He only had one son and that was after a long string of girls. He said it was years before the boy knew who his real mother was!

Diane said...

That is really cute. Rachel will boss her big sisters around. But they won't do it any more.