Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Long Time Comin'

I haven't posted many sewing projects lately. Not cause I haven't had any - but mostly cause I'm not very good about taking pictures of them once completed. But, I think I have all the dresses pictured now. Just need to get tops and skirts. haha Here's these for now:
I adore this dress! But I think it's funny Amber insisted on wearing the hat which is too small for her....

I may or may not have posted this dress already. It was Jade's "birthday" dress.
This was an Easter dress for a friend's daughter. The next one was for the baby. 

LOVE this bubble dress for Pie. It's quite cute on her, but she wasn't in the mood to model for me today.

Can't see very well, but the fabric is swiss dot with little yellow dots.

Paisley's Easter dress. It ended up being my favorite. =)

I just realized there's two more dresses of Amber's I don't have pics of. But her clothes are hard to take pictures of unless she's wearing them - they're just too tall. lol So I'll force her to put them on once she gets home from like 1/2 hour. I have a dress in the works for Jade and will take a pic of it once it's done.


Bowman-Blog said...

Either Jade has to go to the bathroom, or she's seen too many model pictures! :) From the expression on her face, my vote goes to the potty time!

Lissa said...

haha She was worried about being late for school. =)

Spazgirl said...

either that or her feet got put on backwards that day! :)