Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh, My

Okay, we're onto due date #3 now. lol I went in today to do an ultrasound cause last time the baby was too small to measure accurately. Well, the ultrasound tech was a big jerk. JERK. First thing she says when I walk in the room with all three girls: "They can stand in the corner and tell them to make sure not to touch any of my cords." Uh, how about you tell them nicely yourself? They are old enough to understand when someone is talking to them. Next up: "Is your bladder full?" Uh, one told me it needed to be. "This is obviously not your first pregnancy. Haven't you had ultrasounds before?" Uh, yes, but the last time I needed a full bladder was 10 years ago. And I was specifically told to have one. "Well, I'll just have to see what I can do then." At this point, Paisley started crying cause she was shoved into a corner and she wanted mom. The tech sighed rather loudly and stated she couldn't work if "the baby" was going to be fussing the whole time and suggested I leave them outside the room. Uh, no. I'm not gonna leave my kids outside by themselves. How stupid is that to even suggest?? I got up and said something about it being a stupid suggestion and I can go reschedule, but she said, "No, this will only take a second anyways." So what's the point in making a big deal about a fussy toddler who clearly wants her mom?? Get your work done so I can go calm her down! Duh! The ultrasound literally took 3min. 3 minutes of the tech basically holding her breath like she was going to explode at Paisley or something. Talk about upsetting! Anyways, baby is measuring a week ahead now, so my new official, on-the-chart due date is.....ready? January 1st. How lame. haha
Baby is a much bigger kinda speck now. At least you can see there's a body shape and a head


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Mormann Family said...

I would of told the tech to just leave the room and wait outside and that you would do the u/s yourself. It couldn't be that hard to figure out. :)

rozanny said...

Sorry about the tech! That's not fun at all and I hope you never have to go to her again!

Becca said...

OMg I hate HATE when people are rude about kids! it is so infuriating! I am so sorry. that sucks when you want to go have what could have been a neat and fun thing with your kids, to have such an upsetting time instead. people suck.

and hello, jan 1st is a great bday...they will ALWAYS have a huge party! :o)