Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diaper Changing 101

K - I lied. But here's the REAL last post of the month! lol Today Amber was enrolled into Diaper Changing 101. She wasn't too thrilled about it, but tough bananas. I figure as a 10 year old, she'd better start learning how to change diapers so I can send her out into the world of babysitting in a couple years and she can earn her own spending money instead of always asking for mine. She actually did a pretty decent job - though it was only pee. She only pulled a handful of faces which was impressive - but again, it was only pee. I did get a pretty mean glare after I snapped pics though.... haha

Today for dessert we had chocolate-dipped strawberries. We discovered everyone likes them while we were in Flagstaff and that's what we ate for dinner along with french bread. Towards the end, Amber and Jade were having a contest who could get the most chocolate on their strawberries. I think Jaders won.

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rozanny said...

I love that you're teaching your daughters things like diapering! My favorite babysitters are ones with younger siblings... I don't like the ones that were the youngest... I come home and kids are grumpy, bored, and usually the diaper is on backwards or they forgot to put in on under the jammies...