Monday, February 27, 2012

Shyla's 2 Month Stats

I took Shyla to her 2mo check-up this morning. In fact, I just got back home for a little breather before taking Amber to her appt and lunch. And yup, it's been confirmed - I have a chunky baby. lol Here's her stats:
Weight - 12lbs 7oz (75%)
Length - 24.25in (97%)
The biggest percentile in weight my other three ever were was 50% and that was at birth. By 2 months, all of them dropped down to under 20%. And by 6 months, they were all under 10% in weight. I guess poor Shyla got more of my genes than David's. At least she's still taller than she is chubby! haha
We sure love this chunky baby! She's a very happy little thing - always smiling and cooing at us. Shyla sleeps 8 hours straight and then another 4 at night now which I LOVE. She also likes sticking her tongue out at us and rewards us with coos and smiles if we reciprocate. Such a sweet girl!

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