Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye, January!

This has been a very, very mild winter. Even for us here in Arizona. I made the girls new coats for Christmas and felt like a horrible mom 2 weeks before the holiday sending them to school in their thin hoodies as it was FREEZING (well, for here anyways) knowing perfectly well they had much warmer wrapped prettily under the tree. And then they got to wear their new coats for exactly 2 days after unwrapping them. And since then it's been in the 70's pretty much everyday. And as much as I absolutely adore this weather, it really makes me dread the coming months and especially summer. Cause let's be honest - summer here is no picnic to begin with. But if it's in the 70's for the majority of "winter", what's it gonna be like in another 5 months? Horrid. That's what. Anyways, here's the remainder of January pics.
Bestest best friends!

Paisley found her baby pettiskirt when I was going through the baby bucket and insisted in wearing it for the rest of the day. lol And even though it looks like she is, I promise she isn't laying on top of Shyla....

My littlest doll

Getting pretty good at push-ups =)

Have a wonderful February!

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