Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Amber's Been Reading

Since the beginning of the school year, Amber has been allowed to stay up later than Jade to read before bed. It started out as 1 chapter per night, and she started a couple books but wasn't interested so didn't finish them, but I think our new system works: I choose a book, then she chooses. And she reads till 8pm. Here are the books she's actually finished so far.
This was actually the first "real" book she's finished. It took her quite awhile, but she did it - and loved it! The day after she finished it, she wanted to watch the movie. And she pointed out a lot of the differences between the book and movie.

Amber asked her teacher for advice on a good book and was steered to Beverly Cleary. We have a several Ramona books here, but the ones where Ramona is younger. In this one, she's a 4th grader like Amber.

Amber chose this one. I LOVED the Magic Shop Books as a kid so of course we have a couple now. While reading this book, Amber felt the need to tell me every little detail after her time was up. I had to remind her several times that I've read the book and it's time for bed already. lol I was impressed with how much she was retaining though.

This is the latest book - in fact, she just finished it tonight! That means tomorrow it's her turn to choose again. I asked her who her favorite character is and she said, "Gylfie! She's so smart." =)

In school, Amber's teacher asked if she'd be willing to make a "sample" cereal box book report for the class. I'm not sure what it all entails, something about the ingredients list being the characters or something? But Amber is excited to do it and is pretty proud to be making it for the class to see what to do.

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rozanny said...

That's what my parents did with me and I just devoured book after book! She'll love you forever... though she probably would anyways!