Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Though it's only been 2 weeks since my last post, we've done a lot of fun stuff I need to blog about before I forget. So be prepared for lots of pics.
David took his nursing board exam on February 2nd and passed! And just two days later, he got his RN license in the mail. Hooray!

Amber was super bored and begged to "fix" my hair. I wasn't doing anything requiring my hair, so I let her. I think it looks nice - don't you?

Before church, Paisley watched tv. Only it wasn't a tv she was watching - it was our big mirror in the living room. And I love how she's using pillowcases like sleeping bags. Even her baby has one! This girl has such a big imagination!

Jami came to see us a week after Amber's birthday to give Amber her present and also to meet Shyla. It's always so nice to spend time with family!

One evening while David and I were watching a show, Tiny must have thought David's head wasn't clean enough and took it upon herself to change that. She gave his whole head a cat-tongue bath!

K - these next several pics demonstrate Paisley's BIG heart. She's just so full of love!
Smoochies for the baby!

Can you see Crook?
LOVE Shyla's face in this one. "Mom? Can you help me out here? Please??"

And a cute picture of the cute chunky baby:

Now I am caught up through today. Today is Valentine's Day! My mom sent the girls handmade Valentines to open. They are adorable and my older three (cause let's be honest....Shyla didn't really care) were so excited to open them this morning. When Paisley opened hers and saw the $5, she shouted, "A dollar for ME???" I so gave them heart necklaces and made pink heart(ish) pancakes for breakfast. David took Paisley, Shyla, and I to Pete's Fish n' Chips for lunch after doing court runs with him. It was his bribe for me to come along. haha Tonight we're having heart-shaped grilled cheese - it's what Amber has chosen for dinner - and girl scout cookies for dessert.

Fun stuff we've done this month I have no pictures of:
     - took the girls to see Journey 2
     - also saw Big Miracle
     - and also One For The Money (just David and I)
     - bought a new laptop for David
     - I finished sewing Jade's baptism dress, Shyla's blessing dress, and a flower girl dress
     - we tried a new pizza take-and-bake place. I like it, David doesn't. Go figure....
     - the older girls have been going with David to do serves with him the past few days
     - Amber and Jade had dental work done. Amber had a tooth extraction and 3 cavities filled while Jade had a baby root canal, cap, and 2 cavities filled. Good grief! They were both sedated for their procedures and got a free day off from school to "recover".

I think that's it. Hopefully I'll stay more on top of blogging so I don't forget so much. lol

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