Saturday, December 21, 2013

Elf Antics

Jingles the Shelf Elf has turned out to have quite a sense of humor. Here's some things we've found her doing:
Rocking baby Jesus

One morning we found Jingles holding my camera. Here's what we found on it: 
Jingle Bells 
Christmas berries 
Jingles selfie 
A picture of a picture of a snowman 
Popcorn riding Princess Celestia 

More than one child was upset that Jingles was holding onto the last pudding....

Besides these pictured, we've found Jingles trapped in a Chinese Finger Trap, dangling from Amber and Jade's bus passes, completely hidden in the middle of the Christmas tree, and in the high chair. She's currently snoozing on our Cresap plaque on my picture wall. The girls have so much fun trying to find her every morning!

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