Monday, December 9, 2013

Temple Lights

Yesterday was a loooong day! Good, but long. I spent 5 hours at the church. 3 hours for church, 1 hour for choir, and 1 hour for Primary Presidency meeting. Saturday night I felt like crap - cramps, chills, achy skin - and Sunday morning I felt very weak. But I was in charge of sharing time so I sucked it up and went. Sharing time went very well, thanks to my awesome friend, April! She found me a link to a pretty sweet sharing time idea blog for every week. Takes all the creativity out of my hands which is pretty perfect! Anyways, when I got home, David asked if I wanted to go see the temple lights. So I quickly got dinner together (with the help of Amber and Jade!), bundled up the babies, and drove to the temple. Every year they're slightly different and this year was no exception. So pretty!

So I told David to take a pic of the girls and I, and then realized.....he wasn't! hahaha

Afterwards, we went to see my very oldest friend, Fawn. I'm so glad we were able to visit for awhile! I truly miss all the birthdays and holidays our families shared throughout my entire childhood!

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