Friday, December 20, 2013

Treat Time!

December is the month I make a hundred different treats and promptly give them to other people so I don't eat them all myself! This year I made cinnamon rolls, melted snowman cookies, candy cane rice crispy treats, cardamom bread, cranberry-peach braid, shape cookies, and Reese's fudge.
Hot from the oven. Just need icing. Yummy!

My favorite Christmas breads!

Some have the cutest expressions 
Like this guy who's accusing me of purposely melting him....

Proof that David decorates cookies 
She was thrilled.....truly 

Amber's weirdo selfie 

My kids get weird after 9pm

Can you spot:
2 dead snowman
A pregnancy test
Someone who needs to pee
Yellow "pee" snow
Pledge of Alliegiance
Amber, Jade, and Paisley. I had four stockings, but the last one broke so I had to write Shyla on a snowman instead. lol

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