Monday, December 9, 2013

This and That

I have a feeling that there's going to be a TON of randoms at the end of this month so instead of getting way behind, I'm adding a first quarter month of random pics blog post. lol Yes, that's truly a real thing! =) Let's see if I can remember what's going on in these:
This one is easy! Amber and Jade are clearly wrapping presents for their younger sisters! =) 

Looks like David is taking a break after an exhausting.....something. lol

Lexi, Paisley, and Shyla watching a show on David's ipod

Cutie girls coloring. Shyla learns nearly everything she knows from Paisley. These two girlies are bestest buds and are joined at the hip most days!

Amber being a weirdo before bedtime

Paisley showing me the nesting snowman

Family Fun Day at Amber and Jade's school. David had to work and I had other plans, so my friend, April took them along with her son. So nice!

Brylee and Paisley playing with the nesting snowman

What I was busy making on Family Fun Night and why I couldn't take the girls to the school myself. =)

Jingles the Elf

Amber was kidnapped by the YW for breakfast on Saturday. She was putting the kitchen chairs back around the table (she had moved them Friday afternoon to vacuum the kitchen) when I came up behind her with the blindfold. She was very vocal about not knowing what was going on and who was at the door and why was she being blindfolded and where was she going, etc. HILARIOUS!!!

Jingles likes to read. She's learning about the Other Wiseman.

I "made" the lights up on top today! They are strands of icicle lights and I twisted each icicle into loops then tied them with a piece of red tulle. They're so pretty!

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