Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not Much Going On

It's been a very quiet week so far. The girls have enjoyed school, Paisley has continued to be a cutie, and I've slowly been getting the house back in order. David's no longer in the Air Force so he's home all day with Paisley and I. He has a test date with the Las Vegas police dept on Sept 1 and the Sierra Vista police dept on Sept 8. Hopefully he'll be able to get picked up shortly. In the meantime, my meager UHaul income is all we've got right now. I officially start back on the 25th. I'm bummed, but at least it's at home. They're only giving me 2 1/2 hours per day right now so I can get adjusted and don't get burnt out. Paisley still does really well at night. She continues to only wake once around midnight and that's it. Such a good baby. She's also been awake more throughout the day. Her muscle control is still pretty spastic and she has a tendancy to freak herself out with her long flappy arms. It's pretty funny. I love it. Paisley loves to pick up her head and look around the room or just stare at whoever is holding her. Such a sweetie! Amber had a friend over yesterday. She, Jade, and her friend had a lot of fun playing and the girls had no problems cleaning up their room afterwards. For once..... That's all we've been doing so far. I have a quilt that's about half finished, but I can't find it anywhere. I think it might be up in the attic (not really sure why though....) and I have yet to convince David to get it for me. Please, Dave? Please???Hahaha! Paisley roots a lot even when she's not hungry. I think it's cute.

I got her a few pairs of "babylegs". I freakin LOVE them!!! They crack me up. =)

Amber and her friend. They didn't fight a single time while she was here! Hooray!


Katie Richards said...

I love it when friends are over and there's no fights! It's nice to look at the clock and realize you have gotten a lot of headway in your blogstalking without interruptions.

ballerina girl said...

At night she only wakes up at midnight?!? You are so lucky! I have never seen "babylegs" before, I bet it makes changing a diaper less challenging. My friend's husband applied/tested for the LV Police Department at the beginning of the year, email me if you have any questions etc.