Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paisley's Day

Paisley is finally here! Yesterday David and I went to the hospital to check in at 9am. Shelley and Celeste were with us, too. My doctor was running late and the neo-natal specialist was also. So even though my c-section was scheduled for 11am, I didn't actually get pulled back into the room until 1pm. Man, that's a scary looking room. It was all white with two huge bright lamps over a T-shaped bed and a ton of different medical equipment stands everywhere. I had my spinal block, then they laid me down and strapped me to the bed. At this point I started panicking cause I'm somewhat claustrophobic. Not only was I strapped down, but they put an oxygen mask on my face and the screen was only a few inches away from my face as well. They did all the prep work before finally letting David in the room. As he came around and sat where I could see him, my panic began to subside. He thankfully gave me something constant to focus on and didn't stop talking until they made him leave again with Paisley. It was the weirdest feeling having my sweet daughter literally pulled out of me. I couldn't feel any pain, but the pressure was strange and I could still feel her jumping around. I imagine she was just as scared as I was and was trying to get away from the scary doctors. They got her out, sucked the goop out of her airways, and then little tiny baby Paisley let them have it! She screamed and screamed and screamed! I started crying a bit when I heard her cry....she was real and mine. After 5 years, I have the sweetest baby in the whole world. She rarely cries (only when she's unwrapped or her diaper gets changed) and she makes the cutest baby squeaks. She loves rubbing her face on mine and snuggling on David's and my chests. Paisley has passed every single baby test with flying colors. She absolutely perfect in every way. Now if only I could be more like her.....=)

Paisley's stats: 6lb 13oz 20in long

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