Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Happenings

Life with 3 is not that much different than life with 2 so far. My sister Shelley has been here since Wednesday to help out though, so maybe it'll change once she leaves. I think it'll be okay though since Amber and Jade are so much older and can pretty much fend for themselves. So far there hasn't been any jealousy or hurt feelings over Paisley. I think I've done a pretty good job about giving Amber and Jade plenty of attention on their own. School started for them both yesterday. It was Jade's first day of Kindergarten. David took them to school and he said that Jade was very confidant and basically told him to go home already...she's fine. He said there were a dozen parents hanging around with their kids in Jade's classroom cause the kids were crying and didn't want the paretns to leave them. I'm so glad Jade is so brave and knows that she's loved enough to be able to function without us around. Amber's in 2nd grade now and of course had no issues going to school. She's a pro at this point. The house was sure quiet while they were gone! David, Shelley, and I hung out with Paisley and my niece Celeste. I don't think Paisley got put down all day. Spoiled baby! Hahaha! She did get her second bath yesterday. Poor Paisley HATES baths! That girl has got a set of lungs on her....that's for sure!

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Tai said...

Oh Lissa... Paisley is such a pretty baby! I am glad the girls did great with their first day of school!