Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaders!

Today is a special day for my cute Jaders. 6 years ago, my sweet little Jade joined our family. I'm so proud of her and her kind, compassionate personality. She's always the first to share with anyone and the first to volunteer her help around the house. Jade is the very best snuggler in our family. We sure love you, Jade!!
So for Jade's birthday, we had a big party at Freestone Park. David grilled hot dogs, kids dug in the sand, and I got burnt. I hate my pink skin.... Anyways, Jade's poor cake melted in the sun and even changed colors! I'm sad I didn't get a before shot of it cause it was really quite pretty. It started with pink and purple basketweave with blue flowers around the egde and in the middle for the candles. But after an hour in the sun, one side slid off and the pink disappeared so it became a blue and white basketweave.... So sad. But Jade didn't mind. She thought it was funny. She got to open presents after cake and boy she was excited to see so many princess presents! That girl is girl through-and-through! She got a teaset, princess craft, princess wall sticker castle, make-up, princess beads, princess ball, pink whoppers, and new princess dresses! We had another littel celebration today with the Bishop's family since today is her real birthday and they couldn't drive out to the East Valley yesterday (gee, I wonder why? Ha!). We had a Hawaiian Luau and they even came dressed up in their Hawaiin finery! I love it! They gave Jade a Princess Yatzee Jr. game. Hmmm....I wonder if people know Jade's a princess.... She sure had a great time! =)

These are the dresses I've been slaving over for the past 2 weeks. I think she likes them.... =)

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