Sunday, March 28, 2010


I was up a 4am yesterday morning giving Paisley a bottle and putting her back to bed. I tried to put myself back to bed....but it didn't work. Instead, I came up with this crazy idea to force Tai to come over and we'd make Rai and Joc Easter dresses with my leftover fabric. But I didn't have a pattern that would work very well. Soooo....I made one up! When Tai and her kids came, I measured both girls and even used pipe cleaners to make the shape of their armpits. =) Tai and I drew up the pattern pieces, got everything cut up, and every piece just fit together perfectly! Until we tried Rai's dress on her. I forgot to add in seam allowances in my measurements. And apparently that's a really big deal. Hahaha! So because I'm an idiot (which really probably maybe had at least a little to do with being up since 4?? no? fine....) Rai and Joc ended up with Easter skirts. But I learned my lesson and intend to try again. I really really loved my dress's design! Stupid seam allowances! Grrr!

The whole time Tai and I were busy sewing like mad women, the older 4 kids were in the backyard building Tiny (our cat) a home using giant waist-high weeds. They even decorated it for her. And when Tiny was shoved into her new home, she didn't run away. Nope. She curled up, purred, and went to sleep. Such an accomadating kitty!

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Tai said...

haha! At least we had fun right?! And the skirts turned out really cute. I think I might want to try and make a skirt for myself!