Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Good Ones Today!

Last post....
Paisley has FINALLY gotten used to sitting up in the tub! I know this doesn't sound that exciting...but to me it really really is. Cause for the past several months since she's outgrown her infant tub, she'd only let me wash her if she was laying down. She'd splash and babble happy as can be....and the second I would sit her up, poor Paisley would just panic! I'm talkin grabbing at me, desparately tying to drag herself out of the tub, the whole time screaming in sheer terror. I have noooo clue what was going through her little mind. But lately she's been okay with sitting up. Until she props herself up using the side of the tub and slips. Then it's panicky Paisley again. Oh well. At least I got some cute happy bath baby pics! =)

All ready for bed! I love clean babies!

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