Friday, March 12, 2010

Poor Spoiled Baby

Not surprisingly, Paisley is by far my most spoiled little thing. Probably has a lot to do with being 5 1/2 years younger than Jade, me having more patience, and also she could quite possibly be our last. I really hope she's not, but the fact I have such a hard time getting pregnant (once I'm pregnant, I'm golden though!), she really could be the last little one in our family. So I tend to spoil her. And let's face it....spoiled babies can be rotten. =) Paisley is no exception. She's a little stinker. And so smart about it, too. Well, we're on our way to kicking one bad habit in the butt....bedtime. Paisley likes being rocked to sleep. She loves being nursed to sleep. She'd prefer to sleep on me or David than in her crib. And she insists every night that she's first nursed to sleep, then when placed in her crib she instantly wakes up and insists on then being rocked back to sleep. And if you dare place her in her crib while she's conked out, she'll let you know that that is definately NOT okay with her. We've had some pretty late nights lately and I'm fed up with it. So last night we tried something new. I didn't nurse her to sleep. I gave her a sippy till she didn't want it and was sleepy. Then I put her in the crib wide awake (which induced ear-piercing screams btw), told her goodnight, and walked out the door. And she screamed. So 3 minutes later I went back in, laid her back down (she was standing up holding onto the crib rail and just screaming like someone was killing her!), told her to go to sleep, and walked back out. And she screamed. 5 minutes later I do exactly the same thing. And so does she. 10 minutes now, do it all again, and guess what....she stops screaming and lays there and just whimpers. And by the time I was going to go back in to check on her, she was asleep. Paisley finally re-figured out how to put herself to sleep. And she did it all night long, too. Recently, she'd wake up every few hours, realize I'm nowhere to be found, and scream. Last night, I heard her wake up 3 times, squawk, and then silence. She had put herself back to sleep each time. She slept like a well-trained baby until 6am which is her normal wake-up time. And she was cheerful and happy to see me. I did the same thing a bit ago for naptime. She cried for 3 minutes and was out. Hooray for Paisley! And hooray for me! Hahaha! Hopefully we can get her back to how she was a few months ago before she figured out how to train us!

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Vanessa Ray said...

Yay Paisley!!! Its so nice when they go to sleep on there own. She is so cute! I love how her and Ridge are always going through the exact same stages. I relate to everything you say all the time. :) I hope she continues to sleep good!!