Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jade's Jewelry

Jade came home from school not too long ago quite excited. She dangled a baggie full of fun plastic jewelry in my face yelling about buying them at school. Hmmm....I know she doesn't have any money..... She told me she earned 7 Aztec bucks and bought all the jewelry today. David asked if any of the other girls bought some and she said she was the first girl to buy stuff and she got all of it. The other girls had to buy boy stuff. Hahaha! Wow, Jade....that's umm... kind? At least she shared with Amber. What a GIRL!
You should appreciate this, Tai - Jade says the big pink ring on her right hand (over Amber's shoulder) looks "just like Aunt Tai's pretty ring"

3 sets of earrings

32 (I think...) rings

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Tai said...

haha! That is hilarious! I do have pretty rings...:)