Friday, April 8, 2011


Paisley absolutely, 100% ADORES bubbles. I wasn't even aware she knew what they were till a few months ago - before she started nursery. But one day Jade came home with a thing of bubbles from school, took them outside, and began blowing. Pie (she follows her "Jader" everywhere) immediately screamed with excitement while pointing and half-hopping. "Buh-bo! Buh-bo!" Oh, my! Well, last week while shopping at Fry's, David found a cheap bubble gun. My little monster baby was in heaven......
Jade's pouting cause she wants the bubble gun and Amber's "killing" all the evil bubbles with the hose. And I love Paisley's naked bum. Hahaha!

Yeah, Amber! Kill those bad bubbles!

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