Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorry - But It's Not My Fault!

I want to comment on so many of your blogs, but my dumb computer won't let me. So if I haven't commented on any of your cute/funny/interesting/sad/exciting/etc posts in awhile, know that I've wanted to. And tried to. But the word verification thingy won't pop up for me to copy. =( Sooo....if you're expecting a baby, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Or if you've moved recently, I hope you make new friends quickly and have fun unpacking your stuff! Or if you've been on a fun vacation, I'm so jealous!!!! We definately are waaaay overdue a vacation over here! Or if a member of your family just celebrated a birthday or anniversary, well, Happy Birthday/Anniversary! Maybe someday we'll be able to either afford to get our computer fixed or someone will take pity on us and do it for free food/babysitting. lol

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