Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jade the Magnificent!

Jade's teacher has a "treasure box" full of fun things to reward the students for good behavior. I have no idea how this works cause Jade seems to "go to the treasure box" at least once a week. She's said she has to get 50 stickers - but she's also said so-and-so "sent" her to the treasure box. So this treasure box system is a mystery to me. Anyways, last week she came home with a magic kit. After I told her her Daddy would love to do magic with her, that's all she wanted to do all day - wait for Daddy to come home and help her do magic. And the second he walked through the dooor, Jade was bouncing up and down begging him to help her. After being locked in a bedroom for 30min or so, Jade the Magnificent and her trusty assistant did a fun magic trick for Amber, Paisley, and I.
"Now my assistant will put the ball in his pocket"

"It's back in the container!"

"Abracadabra! Now it's gone again!"


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