Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Plethera of Easter-Themed Activities

I had to slowly sound out "activities" as I typed it....and again just now. Haha! Just thought you should know....
We have been having fun with lots of Easter activities (and again!) for the past week. Here we goooo.....!!
First up: Easter Egg Decorating!
Normally, I buy the cheapest egg-dye kit I can find - IF I even buy one. There's been a few years in the past - sad years - when eggs have not been dyed at the Cresap house. But this year, I got a cool kit full of fun extras like glitter, beads, paint, and sponge shapes. Amber, Jade, and I had a blast coloring eggs while David and Paisley were out running errands. Can you spot my favorite egg??

Second: The Easter Pageant + Vito's Pizza
We (meaning mostly me) decided to go to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple on Friday. Since it's an hour drive out there and early attendence is absolutely necessary for halfway decent seats, oh - and I needed to deliver Easter dresses to a friend in Mesa as well, we made an afternoon of it. After decorating the eggs and once Paisley woke up from her nap, we loaded up the car with blankets, games, and stroller and headed out. We wanted to eat a super early dinner at Organ Stop Pizza, but found out once we got there that it doesn't open till 5pm. And since we had planned on getting to the temple by then, that obviously wasn't gonna work. Luckily, David remembered a wonderful pizza place in north Mesa his grandpa had taken him a long time ago: Vito's Pizza! And I must say, Dave sure does know his pizza! Sooooo yummy! We then stopped for drinks and candy before getting to the temple and fighting the hordes of people to find seats. While we waited (the 2 1/2 hours!) we enjoyed playing Old Maid, Go Fish, and a combination of the two. lol David then took the antsy children to walk around and take pictures with cast members. Since Paisley is potty-trained now, I was a little worried about her having an accident/s while there, but she did AWESOME! She told David or I every time she needed to go and managed to hold it through the long lines at the port-a-potty's there. Such a big girl! The Pageant was just wonderful and it's especially good timing with our family scripture reading - Thursday night we had started reading about the last supper and Judas' betrayal. So it was nice for the girls to see the scriptures come to life and know what was going on.
Cutting her food like a big girl!


David saw a couple baby goats while I was taking the girls for a "last-call" potty trip

Third: Easter Cookie Time with the Andersons

I totally got distracted decorating the cookies and forgot to take pictures.....but here's the end results!

And Last (for tonight anyways): Easter Breakfast Rolls
My friend told me about these Easter breakfast rolls after decorating the cookies today: using whatever roll recipe, pull a lump of dough, flatten it into a circle, place a large marshmallow in the center (representing Christ's body) then seal the dough around it (like sealing the tomb). Brush with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, then refridgerate overnight. When they're baked in the morning, the marshmallow melts into the dough but leaves a hollow space in the center. When the "tomb" is opened Easter morning, "Christ's body" is not there. What a great object lesson! Since I'm babysitting my nieces and nephew today, I included them as well. The four oldest kiddos had fun helping me with all the dough. I made a pan for us, and a pan for them to take home.
I love how these girls just happened to wear matching dresses today! Jade's wearing Amber's old dress, and Rai has on Jade's! So fun!

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Bowman-Blog said...

Looks like lots of Easter fun! I remember doing all those fun things with you kids. I miss having kids around to do Easter type things with.