Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter Day

Yesterday was both wonderful, and not-so-much. The not-so-much was pretty much due to Paisley getting little sleep the previous couple days, skipping her morning nap, then not having the opportunity to take an afternoon nap. So for her to go from 4-5 nappy hours/day to did a lot of damage to her normally cheerful personality. We dealt with waaaay too many temper tantrums from that little one! Other than that, our day was great! We started the morning with a visit from the Easter Bunny who had not only filled the girls' baskets, but also managed to find our eggs in the fridge and hid those as well! Amber, Jade, and Paisley had fun hunting for them before breakfast.
She thought the jelly beans were funny cause in the movie HOP, jelly beans are Easter Bunny poo.

Sweet Jade was a little upset that Dave and I didn't have any candy, so she offered to give us half of hers. Little does she know - David and I frequently raid the kids' candy bucket! hahaha

Paisley quickly figured out how to peel wrappers off her candies. Unfortunately, she also discovered she doesn't like Crunch candies - but she sure tried every last one in her backet just to be sure! There were a LOT of bitten-into chocolate eggs put back into her basket. Silly thing!

I think this picture is funny cause there's an egg on the dvd rack right in front of her face but she didn't find it! lol

While they were hunting for eggs, our Easter Rolls baked in the oven. And guess what....they came out hollow! I reinforced the lesson taught on Saturday night as they were made and expressed my gratitude for both Heavenly Father's and Christ's sacrifices for us.

Here's the girls in their pretty Easter dresses!

After church we headed to Mesa to have dinner at Jami's. She had another egg hunt for the kids plus baskets full of treats and games. Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!

On our way home, we all tried to keep cranky Pie happy. I struck this pot of gold:


Allison and Mason: said...

Those dresses are BEAUTIFUL and I love the video. What a cutie!

rozanny said...

And I have to say that your girls are gorgeous!

Bowman-Blog said...

What beautiful girls in their beautiful dresses!

Spazgirl said...

looove the girls easter dresses!!