Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Love These Girls (And David, Too!)

Nuthin' much to say today. It's cold and wet outside. Went from being in the high 80's-90's last week to 55 today. Boo. Amber and Jade have been fighting/playing alternately this morning, I've gotten some work done on their Easter dresses, Dave's been watching tv, and Pie just got up from her morning nap. Now it's just about lunchtime, then we do it all again this afternoon. Boring, boring, boring. I wish we had the money to go do something fun instead. Like go see a movie, or play laser tag, or go shopping, or go to Peter Piper Pizza (or Chuck-E-Cheese), or pretty much anything. Oh well. Such is life.... Here's some random pics for you to enjoy anyways.

Yeah - sometimes my girls are pretty silly! 

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