Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Really Weird Dream

So I've always had very vivid, movie-like dreams. Seriously, if it were possible, I'd totally record them and watch them for entertainment purposes. Well last night's was no exception. I was having a hard time sleeping, but apparently slept long enough to come up with this winner. haha
It started out in my old ward building in Gilbert and a whole group of random people I've known for years and years were in the Relief Society room. I know this, cause I walked down the hallway and opened the door which happened to have a handy sign on it. Anyways, there was a lot of noise, a lot of toys/clothes/bags, and tons of chaos going on in this room. When I walked in, my dad (who died last year) told me so-and-so died and left their 4 kids with me and Dave. The oldest was an 8yr old girl with dirty, ratty, blonde hair named Amber. To avoid confusion between my Amber and this new Amber, we began calling my Amber "Lynnae" - her middle name - for the rest of the dream. K. So next in line was a 4yr old boy who I never was formally introduced to so I have no idea what his name was. And then twin newborns. A girl and a boy. With only a diaper and socks on. And they were chunky babies. And the boy was poopy. So I took him (and DANG he was heavy!!) into another room to change his diaper. And I got poo on my finger. Nice. At least my dreams are somewhat realistic.... lol Paisley was thrilled to have some babies to play with and had a great time sharing her toys/sippy/shoes with them. Jade put her arm around the little boy's shoulders cause he looked a bit sad and started singing to him. And the two Amber's kinda just glared at each other. Arms crossed and everything. haha Anyways, David and I had to take 2 trips to get all the kiddos home and a few people loaded their cars up with all their luggage and crap to bring over. Then there was an issue with where everyone was going to sleep. And on what. So the newborn twins ended up sharing Pie's old crib in the playroom along with the boy who I really don't remember giving an actual bed to (WOW I'm nice!), and the other Amber just slept on my Amber's bed with her. I thought this was quite convenient cause that room was still just called "Amber's Room".
This was pretty much the end of my dream cause like I said - I was having a hard time sleeping. But the very last thing I remember was my dad's voice in the backgroung saying, "Be careful what you wish for...." all creepy like. Hmmm.....very interesting......

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