Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday, Jaders!

My sweet baby Jade turned 8 today! Can't believe how big she's getting. Jade is such an easy child - always cheerful and giggly, eager to please and very helpful. We're so blessed to have her in our family! Love you, sweetheart!
This year for Jade's birthday, our family in New Mexico were here for their spring break so she and Amber got pulled out of school to spend time with cousins at the Wildlife World Zoo! We all had so much fun with Zach, Tai, their kids, Lila, and Hunter. The weather was just beautiful and none of the kids threw any major fits (and neither baby had a blow-out or meltdown!) which made it quite enjoyable.

After the zoo, we came home and had terriyaki chicken, rice, veggies, and rolls for dinner with a pretty cupcake caterpillar for dessert.

Jade opened her presents and was delighted to receive her very own set of scriptures, a Build-a-Bear giftcard, CTR earrings and scripture tote from Grandma and Bobo, and $10 inside her bday card from Gma and Gpa Robertson.

Happy Birthday, Jade! Hope you got everything you wanted - though I know you did as all you asked for was a puppy.... haha

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