Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Harley!

Today Amber and Jade had early release from school and got home at 11. David got us loaded in the van and headed to the Humane Society in Phoenix to look/play with puppies. I warned him that the girls would automatically assume we were bringing one home, but he assured me we were just looking. Ha! hour after getting there, I found myself walking to the car with a puppy. We found this sweet boy and just fell in love! This baby boy is 3 months old and is a german shepard/hound mix. He's so well-mannered. Especially for a pup! He even loved Paisley's attention. After struggling to agree on a name (Paisley liked Dental and Bolt, Jade wanted Brownie, Amber suggested Max and Jack, David liked Sniffles, Patch, and Duncan, and my vote was Zuccini) we settled on Harley while looking at dog collars. Coincidentally, or not, we bought a Harley-Davidson collar and leash for him. =) After a really, really good bath, Harley quickly made himself at home and had a great time playing with the girls. Welcome to you new family, Harley!
Is this not the sweetest thing ever??


Julie said...

So cute!!! Puppies are so fun. My kids absolutely adore Jake (oddly enough named from your old dog Jake, I've always thought that was such a good dog name). What's even funnier, we already decided our next dog's name is going to be Harley. hahaha! Great minds think alike!

Bowman-Blog said...

Is he house broken? He looks cute!