Saturday, March 17, 2012

24 Hours of Fun

Last night, almost exactly 24 hours ago, we headed to the mall so Jade could use her Build-A-Bear giftcard. She chose a german shepherd puppy and actually got a good deal. At the stuffing station, Jade was cut by another girl. The mom felt bad and gave us a $10 off coupon she wasn't going to use. Then, when checking out, the cashier said Jade could buy a $10 giftcard for only $5! So instead of spending her entire giftcard plus her $10 birthday money just on the puppy and outfit, she only spend $3 of her own for the puppy, outfit, and giftcard. =)
 Meet Cuddles!

We stopped at Baskin-Robbins for dessert cause Jade and I both had coupons for a free scoop. Yum!
She's so big! Paisley chose "rainbow" ice cream

And then today we had Jade's friend party. We invited Aubrey to join us for the afternoon. Jade opened a couple presents, then we went to see The Lorax at a dine-in theater! Aubrey and Jade sat in their own row and felt so grown-up ordering their food! They even got a brownie sundae to share. We walked around the nearby mall before taking Aubrey home and stopping at Walmart on our way home.
Hymn book, CTR ring and necklace from Nana

Butterfly wings!

Pinkalicious book

Barbie Island Princess dress

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