Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dang, I'm OLD!!!

So sad. This year - well, yesterday anyways - I turned the big 3-0. Can't believe I'm 30 already! Good grief! Luckily, my body hasn't started breaking down yet, so I'm good for a few more years at least. lol This year for my birthday, David bought me a:
I already have 20 books and 3 games on it. Amber and David are constantly trying to take it from me.

Shelley got me:

My Mom sent me:
It's a "creative station" - you can make stickers/magnets/laminate with it.

My friend, Carrie, brought over a flower pot containing 30 of these bad boys cause "30 Sucks". lol

And I made this for dessert!


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rozanny said...

Happy birthday! And no.. you are not old... just more accomplished... (I'm turning 31 this year... 30 felt young, but for some reason I'm having to come to terms with 31.) And I love my creative station... I made a bunch of magnetic paper dolls that Ada can use on the fridge or a magnet board.