Friday, March 9, 2012

Making Friends

We introduced Harley to some of his new companions. The cats are starting to get used to him, but I think it may take awhile until all parties are comfortable around each other. Harley wants to play with them, but cats are cats.... Crook spent an hour chasing Harley around the backyard hissing and smacking him. Harley thought it was a game and had his tail wagging and tongue hanging out happy as can be the whole time. lol Raphael (the tortoise) doesn't care....but Harley has fun "pretending" he's being chased by Raph and will "run away" barking just to come back to check if Raph has moved yet. Very comical to watch. Harley has quickly learned that Paisley is the easiest target for face-licking, and to stay away from the grouchy giant orange cat cause he's the only one with claws.

Amber and Jade had a playdate today with a couple girls in our ward. Emma and Isabell came and spent the afternoon with us and all 5 girls (Paisley, too!) had a great time together. Afterwards, David took Amber and Jade to see John Carter at the drive-in.

And a pic of my cute baby snuggling her Daddy.

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