Monday, March 5, 2012

We Really, Really Do!

Have fun weekends together, that is! David and I try to do something fun as a family every Saturday. Building those great childhood memories! =) This weekend, David had to drive into Mesa to pick up a couple serves so we made a day of it. After getting his serves, we went to the temple to walk around and play in the grass. It was such a beautiful day outside! A little chilly in the shade, but the sun felt just wonderful!

We met up with Jami for lunch at Tia Rosa's. Paisley really liked this cute little burro in the courtyard.

We made a pitstop at Jami's house so I could nurse Shyla, then headed to the mall to get her little baby ears pierced. Sometimes I feel like a mean mom to have all my baby's ears pierced when they're soooo little, but I figure it's better this way cause they don't remember having it done. Also, since they have earrings pretty much their entire life, when they hit toddler-dom, they don't know any difference so they don't pull on or play with their earrings. And, after the initial shock of it, none of my girls have even noticed or cared when I clean them and twist them around. Besides, they are adorable and it's easier for people to tell I have a baby girl! =) Shyla did pretty good. She only cried for a couple minutes then fell asleep. And everytime I clean them, she just twists her head and tries to eat my hand. lol Jami was sweet and bought the three older girls a couple things each.

One more pitstop at Jami's and we headed to a basketball game at David's new school - Grand Canyon University. It's where he's getting his bachelor's in nursing. The school had firecrackers during the beginning of the game which terrified Paisley. She ducked down and was hiding under her seat screaming. Poor girl! But once the game started, she was all into it! Even chanting, "Go, Defense!" with the crowd. We only stayed till halftime as it was late and the girls were exhausted. But we sure had a fun day together!

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