Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hi-Tech Girlies

To try and save my ipod from certain death, I invested in a couple Disney Mix Max Players for my girls. So they can now listen to their own kid-friendly music, watch a couple Disney movies, or look at pictures on their own MP3 players. My kids are so spoiled! Amber is into Hannah Montana like nobody's business. That and horses is all I ever hear about! "Mom, did you know there's horses in Montana?" So she has a Hannah Montana audio clip in her player. Jade has a mixed Disney movie songs clip in hers, and she loves to sing along with her favorites! They're so funny! I catch Amber trying to sing along but there's a lot of filler "words" cause she doesn't know the songs yet. So cute! They get limited access to them now; I'm trying to keep them "new" for the move. Give them something to do on the flight and also while we house hunt. We've done some practice house hunting here, and it seems that they're more agreeable when they have snacks, drinks, and tunes along for the ride. Anything to get us through - right?

On a side note...isn't Amber's hair getting long??? I keep meaning to get it cut, but I'll probably wait till right before school starts in the fall. New house, new school, new friends, new haircut. Makes sense. Besides, everytime I even mention taking her to get it trimmed, she freaks out and begs not to go. *sigh* Sorry Amber, but eventually it's gonna get cut.

"Hang Loose!"


Roma Li Wakamatsu Morgan said...

Oh what adorable girls...can't wait to see them again!!

Auntie Roma

Jessica said...

Her hair is so long. I love it. I am trying to grow my hair back out but it is taking forever!!!

Those MP3 players seen to be a GREAT investment.