Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Even though I brought my camera with me, I failed to take it out of my purse all day. Oh well. I think you'll probably live! My day started around 7:30 when my body told me it was time to get up. So up I got. Amber made everyone waffles for breakfast. Then everyone got dressed, Amber and David cleaned up the backyard (aka scooped poo) while I fixed Jade's hair and loaded the car. Then I fixed Amber's hair while David cleaned up and we all left around 10. My Mom sent me a Kohl's giftacrd, so that was our first stop and I scored a really cute maternity top. Next stop was Carl's Jr for lunch and then on to Tai's house. We hung out there for awhile. I gave Tai some hand-me-downs from Jade and she gave me a giant tub full of baby clothes. Hooray! Thanks, Tai! =) We then went to my Dad's to wish him a happy birthday. While there, Jami (my stepmom), Shelley and I went to Superstition Springs Mall to find me a formal maternity dress for David's Leadership Training graduation on Thursday. We went to The Motherhood and Jami was sweet enough to not only buy the dress, but several outfits as well. She bought me capris, shorts, a skirt, 4 tops, and the dress. Soooo nice! Thanks Jami! =) After that, we went to David's family get together at Freestone Park. It was nice to see everyone there. Some we havn'et seen for a long time. Amber and Jade has fun playing with cousins and David and I had fun visiting with family. We didn't end up getting hom till after 9pm. The girls slept in their clothes. They were done for the day. And it all starts again next weekend. We have a big Cresap family March/April birthday party on Saturday and my family is getting pictures taken and visiting with my brother Chris who will be in town. Yea!

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Kade and Heidi said...

I miss you girl. Hope you had a great birthday!!