Monday, March 30, 2009

One Crappy Night

Sooooo.....we never ever ever get sick. My kids and I have like super-powered genes that automatically make us immune to EVERYTHING! Except whatever Tai's kids had this last week. It hit us Hard last night. All 4 of us. Let me tell you how the night went. But I'm warning those of you with weak stomachs and the TMI police. Ready?

6:30pm - Jade throws up a bit in a parking lot
6:45pm - Amber throws up a Ton into a empty large Carl's Jr cup in the car (she almost filled it)
7:00pm - Jade throws up into a kid sized Carl's Jr cup in the garage and fills it
7:45pm - I have major diarrhea
8:15pm - Jade pukes all over her bed
8:40pm - Amber poops her panties and pukes all over her floor
9:00pm - I puke into the toilet
9:30pm - Amber has major diarrhea but in the toilet
11:oopm - David has diarrhea
12:00am - David's puking in the bathroom and Amber's puking in the other bathroom
1:00am - I'm puking in the bathroom. BTW, do you know what happens when a pregnant woman with diarrhea is puking her guts out? It also comes out the other end. Yeah. I crapped my pants. Nice.
1:15am - David's pooping in the other bathroom, Jade starts puking in the hallway. I steer her into the bathroom and have her finish puking in the tub.
2:00am - This time I have a good idea. I sit on the toilet while I puke into the shower. It was a really good idea.
5:ooam - David's doing the same thing
6:00am - Amber poops her panties again on her way to the bathroom
7:30am - David's back on the toilet and puking in the shower

Does all this sound like fun??? Yes? Okay...come on over and play with my kids! The girls and I are starting to feel a bit better. I gave them dry cheerios and water. I figure if they can keep it down and in, I'll let them have some applesauce at lunchtime. Amber's obviously staying home, I called in to work, but poor David still has to show up to work tonight. That means I gotta drag my butt over to Walmart and get him some Pepto-Bismal or something to help his stomach settle. I sure love shopping when I literally feel like crap! Have a great Monday! =)


Tai said...

hahaha!! Sorry Lissa...I did warn you though. Not My Fault!! HAHA! You were right though, I was laughting all the way through that. I am sooo glad my kids didnt have the runs along with the puking. What a mess to clean up! I am glad you guys are feeling better though...except for david...

Bowman-Blog said...

That was disgusting! The warning was not enough! The visual in my head was NOT good...

ballerina girl said...

I have totally did "2:00" when I was pregnant and had the flu! Not fun.