Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virginia: Day 3

On the third day of Virginia..... lol. Mom worked the morning and had the afternoon off. So I took the girls for a walk around the neighborhood in the morning before it got hot. Amber found a house number and thought it looked like a mustache. We also saw some really gross squirrel roadkill and a few really cute not roadkill ones chasing each other around yards. Paisley got sick of sitting in the stroller (like usual) so we had to let her out for awhile. I wouldn't mind so much if she would walk with us or at least in the direction we're going. But everytime I let her out she takes off crawling in the complete opposite direction! And if I chase her down, she giggles and goes faster. Can't wait till she outgrows "chase". That and "drop-it" are the 2 most annoying baby games EVER! Anyways, when Mom got back from work, we played Mouse Trap with the girls and went for a ride in the paddleboat. We chased the geese around the lake and saw several turtles poking their heads out of the water. We even saw a couple on rocks sunning themselves. Then in the evening after dinner, we went to a "Song Party" at the park. This is what Jade calls it. Amber and Jade had fun dancing with their grandma. Paisley had fun driving me crazy and acting like a monster baby. I finally let her go down to the "stage" with the girls and after that she was fine. I guess she just really really wanted to dance with them! There was a little girl not much older than Pie who took a liking to her. She followed Paisley around and even fed her some yummy pine needles! Hahaha!
We found this little guy in the paddleboat! He was hiding behind a seat back.

Blonde girl: Are you her mom?
Amber: NO! She's my sister!

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Amber said...

LOL!!! That is hilarious! But Amber does make a great little mommy to her sisters. Great job fishing. Looks like a wonderful trip!