Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virginia: Day 4

Okay. Friday. Mom had the whole day off so we went to Smithfield. I guess they're famous for hams. Smithfield Hams. It turned out to be a cute, very small town with some fun antique shops. I've never been to one before so that was fun. We saw a bunch of really super old houses from the late 1890's. They look like dollhouses. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! A couple of them had been converted into shops and restraunts. Some were still being used as houses and others had been left to rot. Poor sad houses!
After dinner on Friday, Kevin took us all fishing! Well....we were in the backyard so I guess he didn't "take" us anywhere, but he did teach us how to fish. Before we went out, he took Amber and Jade with him to get some bait. Jade asked him what color her fishing pole was and Kevin told her he didn't have one for HER, just the ones he had at home. Well, Sassy Jade then asked, "What color is it? Dirty black?" lol Kevin's a big ol' softie and ended up buying each girl a purple Hannah Montana pole to use. After a little instruction, Amber was casting her own line better than Mom and I! The fish were biting big time and pretty quick, Jade had caught 5, Amber 3, Me 2, Mom 1, and Kevin 1 (but only cause he was kept so busy taking all our fish off hooks and rebaiting lines!)

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