Friday, July 9, 2010

Virginia: Day 9 -a.k.a- All Good Things Must End

Our flight home left at 7am. Mom lives 1 1/2 hours from the airport. Mmmmm.....we had to get up at 4am and leave by 4:30 to get us there with enough time to get checked in and through security. Too.....EARLY!!!! Mom sat in the back with the girls and they all slept. Kevin and I were in the front and did not. Zzzzzzzzzz....... We got to our plane just fine and in plenty of time. The first flight was just under 2 hours and took us to Ohio. Paisley was okay. Not great - but not monster baby either. We had a full hour to sit and wait in Ohio so I released Pie and told the girls to follow her and not let her get too far away. So by the time we got on our next flight, she was pretty tired and fell asleep during takeoff. And of course only slept for about 1/2 hour of our 4 hour flight. Grrrr!!!! However, this plane was a bit bigger than any of the others. The armrests lifted up and there was more leg room between rows. So Paisley had fun sitting on the chair between Jade and I and also enjoyed playing on the floor in front of us. Amber slept pretty much the entire way. And Jade complained about being bored. The flight was long, but at least everyone was pretty well behaved. David picked us up at the airport and ALL of us were very happy to see him. Amber and Jade ran to him and gave him giant hugs. And even Paisley gave him her cheesiest smile and attempted to leap from her carseat (which she wasn't buckled into) to get him. =)

All together again!

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Glenene said...

So glad you got to have a good visit with your mom!!