Friday, July 9, 2010

Virginia: Day 7

You know.....some things would definately be more fun without having to drag kids around with you. For instance, Monday we went to Williamsburg and Jamestown. Williamsburg was sooo cool and would have been 100 x's more enjoyable without listening to the constant whine coming from my oldest two. Yes, it was hot. Yes, we walked a lot. Yes, we're all thirsty and hungry. No, we aren't buying everything you ask for. No, we can't go home yet. No, you can't sit in the stroller. No, I'm not going to carry you. Please stop kicking up the dust. Please leave your sister alone. Please don't pull on my arm. DANG! I would have loved to eat in historic Williamsburg in one of the super old homes converted into a restaraunt, but my lovely children would NOT have appreciated it. Sooo.....we walked around quickly and gave in to the whining. And went to find a McDonald's...again. Darn kids.

After a recharge, we went to Jamestown which was much better suited for kids. It was actually pretty cool there. There were different areas for the English fort (which had several buildings set up with replicas of life in the 1600's), the Powhaten village (where Pocahontas lived. It also had several "buildings" and activites from life back then), full-scale replicas of 3 English ships we were allowed to explore, and a couple Indian canoes. We also went to a glass-blowing demonstration and watched a guy make a glass pear - leaf and stem included. Very cool.

We took a ferry over James River on our way home. I took the girls up to the top deck so they could see pretty far out.

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Katie said...

Oh man! My oldest 2 complain ALL THE TIME when we go to cool places. Totally ruins all the fun but it looks like you still had a great time! I would LOVE to visit all these places!