Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virginia: Day 6 -a.k.a- 4th of July!

Sunday we went to church with Mom. She plays the organ so she sits in the front side row. Paisley loves stairs and takes a nap around 9:30am. Mom's church is at 10. Can you see where I'm going with this? Pie was a PILL!!! Cranky and tired, all she wanted to do was get down and climb those dumb steps! WHY does 3 hours at church seem so much longer than 3 hours at the beach?? After church we didn't do much. But Mom and Kevin's friends came over for dinner and fishing. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, and cherry cheesecake for dessert! Then we went out for more fishing! Amber decided she could put the worm on her hook herself. What a brave girl! Jade caught a couple more fish and I think Mom and Kevin did, too. Poor Amber didn't. She had a ton of nibbles, but no big bites. I'm proud to say she was able to keep her attitude cheerful (for the most part) and did her best to have a good time anyways. There were no fireworks in town cause it's a very small town. There was going to be some in the next town over, but they were cancelled due to the dryness. Hahahahaha!!!!! If you haven't noticed by all the pictures already, it's extreme green there!!! And there's a lake in the backyard! And there's rivers and creeks EVERYWHERE!!! But it was too dry. They should come here to Az sometime and then they'll know what dry is.

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